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    Augusta Precious Metals

    "Your Premier Gold IRA Company"


    Augusta Precious Metals started in 2012 whose office was located in Beverly Hills, California. It is a family-owned company that is founded in the pursuit of helping people make the best out of their retirement. And the best approach they see in securing the retirement you deserve is through a gold and silver individual retirement account (IRA).

    Quick Summary

    Minimum Account





    Fees for the first year are waived


    • Offers lifetime services to its customers
    • Little to no customer complaints
    • Quick and easy IRA set up


    • Two weeks of business days before order arrives at your account
    • No other metals to offer but gold and silver
    • Minimum of $50,000 to order from their company

    Augusta Precious Metals Review

    Augusta Precious Metals is straightforward in telling you that they want to be your Gold IRA company. The company guarantees your satisfaction, and in this review, we’ll see why Augusta Precious Metals is confident enough in their promises, and how they operate towards the fulfillment of their promise to make you one of their growing number of satisfied customers. 

    What Makes Augusta Precious Metals A Top Gold IRA Company 

    Augusta Precious Metals started in 2012 whose office was located in Beverly Hills, California. It is a family-owned company that is founded in the pursuit of helping people make the best out of their retirement. And the best approach they see in securing the retirement you deserve is through a gold and silver individual retirement account (IRA). 

    As a precious metal IRA company, Augusta Precious Metals offers its clients a self-directed IRA– one that allows the client to include assets that are usually off-limits in a conventional IRA. That means, with a self-directed IRA, you can include alternative assets like precious metals that are proven to secure your wealth during times of recession and economic uncertainty. 

    What’s also excellent about Augusta Precious Metals is that they encourage their clients to understand the economy, and they provide resources that are friendly and are easily comprehensible. 

    A few of the many offers they give to their clients are the following:

    • They don’t charge fees for the first year of gold and silver IRAs 
    • Clients benefit from the shipping of their orders, which the company ensures without extra costs.
    • Their bullion prices can compete with the market prices and other companies.

    Among all these offers are IRA-eligible coins that provide you assurance that you’re buying only what is allowed to keep in your IRA. And the most important part of any company that determines their success are their customer service, a part that Augusta Precious Metals has been excellent at. In our review of their website, we’ll discuss more about how excellent their customer service is.

    The Team Behind The Company’s Success 

    The leadership behind Augusta Precious Metals’ success have greatly-built reputations in the industry of precious metals. The company’s CEO is Isaac Nuriani who is also a member of reputable organizations like the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), and has been focused on his personal mission of helping as many adults in building their strong and gainful retirement account. 

    The man behind the company’s Education Team is Devlyn Steele, he’s in charge of educating Americans about the advantage of exploring alternative assets and opening a portion of one’s retirement savings for it. He also directs the web conferences that are conducted by the company.

    The company’s Chief Financial Officer is Howard Smith. He’s been in the financial and economics field for 20 years, and joined Augusta Precious Metals in 2018 after his fondness of precious metals in building a robust retirement. 

    Why Invest In Precious Metals 

    Apart from the guaranteed security that precious metals will give to your wealth, what also sets it apart from other forms of assets is that it’s physical. You can keep your precious metals physically, and use them in the worst of situations. That’s just something where other forms of assets like stocks and bonds would fail, because it relies more on bigger companies’ performance and the economy as a whole. 

    Whereas, precious metals are recognized by everyone. Augusta Precious Metals is eager enough to educate you on the advantage of having precious metals under your ownership, and what it has to do with the economy. 

    The company offers you a self-directed IRA, and their customer service can walk you all the way through the process. In a self-directed IRA, the company recognizes that you are in control of your retirement, and they introduce you to the benefits you get from tax-advantaged savings and make the best out of the alternative assets like gold and silver.

    Augusta Precious Metals’ Website Review 

    Once you enter the company’s website, any page you’ll visit has a highly responsive chat box where you can ask customer service about anything you wish to know about gold and  silver IRA. If you wish to just explore, you can minimize the chat box and scroll through pages of comprehensive blocks of information both about gold and silver IRA and also Augusta Precious Metals as a company. Furthermore, the website’s navigation menu contains minimal pages that are responsive and whose pattern is easily comprehensible.

    Costs And Fees In Starting 

    In opening your gold or silver IRA with Augusta Precious Metals, the initial fee would be $50. In order to start trading, you’ll need to invest a minimum amount of $5000. And the annual fees for administrative services would vary either be $75 or $125 depending on the amount you hold in your account, if it’s below or above $100,000. 

    On the other hand, the custodian fee is $125. For more information on the fees, you may contact their responsive customer service. The contact details will be present in the latter part of this review.

    General Summary of Customer Reviews 

    In Augusta Precious Metals’ profile in Better Business Bureau, you’ll find zero complaints on the company, and the over rating is 4.96/5 stars. In its 9 years of business, Augusta Precious Metals is recognized as an A+ gold IRA company. 

    When you read the reviews, you’ll find a pattern of customers sharing how getting educated about precious metals with the help of Augusta Precious Metals has turned them into wiser investors. Generally, the process of opening a gold IRA with the company is said to be hassle-free and exciting due to the “great presentation” that the company must be giving to their customers.

    Steps In Funding Your Gold IRA

    The steps in starting and funding your gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals is simple to follow:

    1. Create your new self-directed IRA with an IRA custodian.
    2. Fund your new IRA with your current retirement account.
    3. Start buying gold and silver of your choice in Augusta Precious Metals.

    Contact Them Today 

    Get in touch with them through these contact details:

    Number: 800-700-1008 (for new customers)

    855-909-0082 (for current customers)

    Address: Augusta Precious Metals, 8484 Wilshire Blvd #515, Beverly Hills, CA 90211


    Email Form: 


    Augusta Precious Metals truly live up to its “Premier Gold IRA Company” title for a handful of good reasons. A customer support that’s easily accessed in their website through the chat pop-up, a wide variety of premium bullion to add in your account, competitive pricing of precious metals and major ratings from credible sites that screams excellence for the company. 

    For all these reasons, if you’re only looking forward to opening an IRA solely for gold or silver among all the precious metals out there, Augusta Precious Metals should be on the top of your list.

    Learn More About Augusta Precious Metals

    For having rated A+ by Better Business Bureau (BBB), 4.9 stars in Consumer Affairs, and a five star from real customers on Facebook, Augusta Precious Metals is undeniably legitimate as a gold IRA company.
    After an order confirmation, wait for seven to ten business days of delivery before you receive your physical metals.
    Yes. Augusta Precious Metals accepts withdrawals both physical and by its monetary value. You can choose to get your precious metals out of the depository, or have it converted based on its spot price.
    You may receive account statements of your IRA quarterly, or have it monitored anytime you want online on their website.

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    Augusta Precious Metals started in 2012 whose office was located in Beverly Hills, California. It is a family-owned company that is founded in the pursuit of helping people make the best out of their retirement. And the best approach they see in securing the retirement you deserve is through a gold and silver individual retirement account (IRA).


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