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    American Precious Metals Exchange or APMEX has been in business since 2000. It started as a small store with a few staff selling precious metals to nearby customers. Today it is one of the biggest precious metal dealers to have a global reach of the precious metals market.

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    • Various options for payment
    • Has a global reach
    • Has wide variety of products


    •  There are complaints that are hard to ignore
    • There are issues with delivery
    • Several unsatisfied feedbacks on customer service

    APMEX Review

    Another company to enter the list of top gold investment retirement accounts (IRA) is the American Precious Metals Exchange, popularly called by its acronym as APMEX. Get to know APMEX by sticking with us till the end of this review. And you’ll find out what makes APMEX stand out among other precious metal companies. 

    What Makes APMEX A Top Gold IRA Company

    American Precious Metals Exchange or APMEX has been in business since 2000. It started as a small store with a few staff selling precious metals to nearby customers. Today it is one of the biggest precious metal dealers to have a global reach of the precious metals market.

    The company grew in the retailing industry, and that good standing enabled their Gold IRA services to offer a competitive variety of precious metals a client would like to possess in his account. And since APMEX is established enough and well-recognized around the world, there’s no risk of losing your money over a closing company. 

    With a company as large as APMEX, there’s no other place for you to search that rare bullion you’ve always been looking for. APMEX has an incredibly wide variety of precious metals. Some of their highly regarded bullion pieces are The American Eagle, The Australian Platypus, The Gold Buffalo and the Gold Panda. 

    In choosing to open your Gold IRA with APMEX, a team of well-versed and professional sales officers are waiting to guide you all the way. From opening a dedicated custodian account to allocating funds in that account. They’ll also be guiding you in choosing the precious metals of your desire, up until the latter part of the process of having it checked out from their site.

    The Team Behind The Company’s Success

    APMEX is a company that started with a humble story of a man selling his grandfather’s coin collection. Now it’s a company that’s big enough to have around 200 employees. 

    The President of APMEX is Scott Thomas, who has been leading the company from the start. He’s an active member of organizations in the industry of precious metals such as the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) and more. 

    The company’s Chief Executive Officer is Kenneth Lewis, who joined APMEX in 2011 as EVP of Operations, and later served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer for two years.

    Why Invest In Precious Metals

    Now’s a great time to start investing in precious metals, especially when there’s a company like APMEX who provides its customers irresistible deals that can save them money while they are not yet confident in the alternative asset they are buying.

    APMEX’s marketplace introduces you to the precious metal coins and items that you also see in news or maybe other blogs but never really get to know. APMEX can easily help you get familiar with the price, details and highlights of various precious metals  in the market. And in exploring the market itself through APMEX, you’ll see the advantage of owning one for your retirement. 

    APMEX’s Website Review

    Visiting APMEX’s website will immediately make you feel like you’re shopping for gold. The majority of their navigation menu contains the titles of various coins and precious metals collections. It also provides you filters in your search for a precious metal item. 

    The website as an e-commerce place is effectively organized, and is user-friendly. One can rarely get lost in exploring the website, and the colors are consistent with the company’s brand.

    Costs And Fees In Starting

    Setting up your Gold IRA account with APMEX will cost you an initial fee of $50. Annually, there will be administrative fees of $75 and around $100 for the annual storage fee. Preferably, APMEX’s choice for a good depository company is Delaware Depository. Furthermore, the minimum amount that will be required in purchasing precious metals for your IRA account starts at $2000.

    General Summary of Customer Reviews

    APMEX’s collection of excellent feedback from its customers prove the company’s good performance in its two decades of service. However, the flow of good reviews is sometimes mixed with several unpleasant ones. There are customers that share their experience of not getting responded to by the company’s customer service, and sometimes there are delivery issues. 

    As the company moves further, they strive to accommodate the great number of customers they have as excellently as possible. 

    Steps In Buying Precious Metals For Your Gold IRA

    Buying precious metals for your IRA is simpler than what you think. First, you need to call their sales representative to assist you with choosing among the filtered list of precious metals because you want to make sure that you’re buying what is IRS-approved in order for them to be stored safely in your account, free from any state intervention. 

    With a filtered list of the precious metals you can buy and keep in your IRA, you can start selecting the ones you want to have, and add them to your cart. Once you’re done, you can check the items on your cart out given that you’re already logged in to the site, otherwise, you can check your items out as a guest and then log in later. 

    Contact Them Today

    Get in touch with them through these contact details:

    Number: 800.375.9006

    Email: [email protected]

    Address: APMEX, Inc., 226 Dean A. McGee Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (Visits are by appointment only)



    If you love browsing through a shop of various precious metals, similar to how you’re browsing for your desired products on Amazon or Ebay, AMPEX can give you the best experience. The company values the customer experience on their site, and they welcome you into the market before you even get to call yourself an investor in the industry. There’s no wonder, APMEX is able to grow large and get a global reach in the retailing of precious metals.

    Learn More About APMEX

    Serving loyal and new clients for two decades and getting an impressive rating from various companies like Better Business Bureau and TrustLink, guarantees APMEX’s reputation as a precious metals company. Even though the company has received a few complaints in it’s many years of operation, it only proves that many of the clients and investors in the field have tried APMEX for themselves.
    APMEX purchases their supply of authentically-tested coins and bars from the secondary market. It means that you’ll be buying precious metals that were already issued for someone before, one that is sold to APMEX, and now being offered to you. APMEX complies to strict protocols of testing and verifying the authenticity of the coins and bars they sell. It is then highly unlikely for you to purchase fake gold from APMEX.
    APMEX primarily sells precious metals coins, bars and other collections related to it. Cryptocurrency plays the role of being used as a payment in purchasing precious metals in APMEX as the company starts to recognize Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for their accepted modes of payments.
    Order packages from APMEX are always fully insured, one that may need a signature once delivered. On average, it takes 1-10 business days before your package arrives, and you’ll always get notified once APMEX has shipped out your order.

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    American Precious Metals Exchange or APMEX has been in business since 2000. It started as a small store with a few staff selling precious metals to nearby customers. Today it is one of the biggest precious metal dealers to have a global reach of the precious metals market.


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