Gold’s History

Gold Dates Us Back To 4000 BC  Regardless of how many cryptocurrencies are invented, no matter how many IPOs are launched, gold will never cease to be the greatest asset humanity has. When people hear the word “GOLD,” they think about wealth. They think about riches, overflowing money in your bank account or dollars in […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Buy Gold Right Now

“Invest in gold!” “I’d rather invest in crypto. Gold is so volatile like silver.” Those are just some of the noises you’ll hear when you open a broker account and start trading. The common misconception of investors or traders trading stocks is that gold can only be bought through Barrick Gold Corporation or some companies […]

The Gold Spot Price: An in Depth Discussion

What is the Gold Spot Price? The Gold Spot Price: An in Depth Discussion Are you curious about the price of gold and how much it costs? The price of gold is based on the gold spot price. We use it to determine the price of one troy ounce of a gold bullion. The gold […]

The Crisis-Proof Metal You’ll Regret Not Having

There’s always something to worry about and the recent global health crisis is just one event that proved how quickly a crisis could put your currency in a nosedive. Being left with no time to save your assets from the crash in the middle of a crisis when you need your money the most is […]

Supply And Demand For Gold and How They Affect Its Stock Price

Trading and investing are common ways to make money. Yet, they are the most rewarding if done correctly. While some focuses on stocks and cryptocurrencies, some wise traders and investors are hooked on the concept of trading gold. There’s not much difference. When you trade gold, you’re like trading companies in NASDAQ or New York […]

A Beginner’s Guide To A Gold IRA: How To Invest In Gold

I think one of the main reasons why people create an individual retirement account is because it allows their portfolio to grow.  This growth comes with compound interest, dividend and capital gain without being nibbled by the gnawing teeth of taxes. About Precious Metal IRA: Most people know about the traditional Roth and SEP IRAs. […]